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Synonyms for snipping

a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)


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The field reporter said that snipping shots had targeted moving objects, mainly on Tripoli international highway in Tebbaneh region.
Snipping out the polyps appeared to prevent cancer in the lower bowel for the rest of patients' lives.
She figured out how to mimic a bee nip by snipping a hole the right size with sharp-pointed scissors and pilfering the nectar.
For varieties that produce clusters of flowers, you can get larger, longer-lasting blooms by snipping the central bud.
Antisense oligomers can alter gene expression by snipping out the disease-causing mutation of a gene transcript during the splicing step of gene expression to convert DMD to the much less disabling Becker muscular dystrophy," said Wilton.
NNA - Tripoli underwent a relatively calm morning after clashes declined in the morning; however, snipping returned and targeted the international road and every moving object in the clashes and the nearby regions, National News Agency in Tripoli, Mohsen Al-Sakkal, reported.
It involves snipping the vas deferens to cut off the route sperm follow to the world.
Regardless of who did the snipping, it's a look that's caught on as quickly as the ``Friends'' haircuts of '96.
In fact, they are taking advantage of the snipping period to plan many details of the project's later stages.
Cleo's kin would take orders from a Boston-based doctor as it travels through the colon of a sick person in Alaska, snapping pictures and snipping polyps.
He sees its immediate value in special applications; for example, for cutting at sites with a relatively long specified sequence or for snipping DNA of large chromosomes into long pieces.
Lightweight yet powerful, Airshirz provides clean, accurate cutting, snipping and trimming, resulting in less waste and a better-looking finished product.