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Synonyms for snipping

a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)


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The field reporter said that snipping shots had targeted moving objects, mainly on Tripoli international highway in Tebbaneh region.
Cut 12-15 reotangles, snipping each strip to about 1-inch by 1/2-inch.
In the past few days, the Government has made more cuts than Edward Scissorhands at a hairy bikers' convention - and we can be certain there'll be more snip, snip, snipping in the months ahead.
It involves looking for non-cancerous growths, or polyps, in the lower bowel by inserting a flexible camera scope, then snipping them out.
(1) As an American man with an interest in bodily rights, I find it offensive to hear the traumatic and sexually crippling amputation of the most erogenous portion of a boy's or man's penis described as comparable with snipping off the protruding end of a fingernail.
I went back to snipping. Finally, the whistle blew for lunch.
In colonoscopy, a physician inserts a flexible tube equipped with a tiny camera and snipping device into a patient's colon via the rectum.
The process in Puckette's work recalls the obsessive-compulsive behavior known as delicate cutting, a patently feminine form of self-mutilation that involves the adolescent cutter snipping into her flesh to distract herself from the traumas of puberty.
For varieties that produce clusters of flowers, you can get larger, longer-lasting blooms by snipping the central bud.
[19/January/2018] JIZAN, Jan 19 (Saba) -- Army and popular forces on Friday launched military operations, including artillery, and snipping attacks, snipping nine Saudi soldiers in Jizan, Najran , and Asir border provinces, a military official told Saba.