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The London Packet of 7-10 March comments snippily that the proprietors' claim that 'a Curate has only 40 [pounds sterling] a year' is no argument in favour of management.
(31.) When Bush was asked whether the mission in Iraq had indeed been accomplished, as the banner proclaimed, at an October 28, 2003, press conference, Bush snippily remarked, "The 'Mission Accomplished' sign, of course, was put up by the members of the USS Abraham Lincoln saying that their mission was accomplished.
In his beige Stetson, watched over by a gloating Trent Lott (also in a Stetson but looking like the doll from Toy Story), W said snippily, "Snippy?' That's not a word we use in Texas." He did not add, "That's some Northeast smarty-pants faggoty word." He didn't have to.
Post readers began asking about Williams' mandate: The Washingtonian magazine snippily noted she had filled the "girl's" slot, since the Post had only one female writer on that page in several years, Meg Greenfield, who had died.
Somewhat snippily received by the British press, the play is undeniably flawed -- it's heavy-handed as often as it is subtle, and features a risible journalist role that torpedoes the play whenever the character stumbles onstage to spread Yankee boorishness around.
Although its portrait of gay Hollywood is snippily entertaining, the film is mainly interested in exploring how the complexities and contradictions of real masculinity get translated onto the screen.
And even easier to be snippily sarcastic and laugh that if you'd tuned in recently, you could be forgiven for having absolutely no idea that this was the Celebrity version.
But we still can't figure out why Mrs Roller snippily remarked that it probably wasn't a man who found it.
"Madam, we have had to eject people from the store in the past for what you've just done," said the boy/man snippily. "It's all part of the health and safety policy."