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Synonyms for snippet

Synonyms for snippet

a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)


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Because featured snippets are so useful, especially with mobile and voice-only searches, we're working hard to smooth out bumps with them as they continue to grow and evolve," said Danny Sullivan, Public Liaison for Search, Google in the blog post.
This is how we got the idea of developing Rich Snippets tool for Search Engines", he concluded.
It is towards this end that we wrote custom snippet code to customize almost any section of the website.
Evolved from 'rich' snippets, the tools for interactive snippets will be made available to web developers so that they can add this functionality to their websites.
This finer granularity of Snippets immediately raises scalability concerns.
As this relatively small world of digital information massively expanded into the Web and the addition of a myriad of digital information repositories of formerly print offerings, the ability to simply highlight a snippet to quote was lost.
While typical search results provide links to websites deemed relevant to queries, Google now weaves in direct connections to spots on pages with snippets of information that might be of interest.
During the dance portion of the hour-long TV show (which focuses equally on Waters), we see snippets of Baryshnikov in rehearsal and onstage with "Hell's Kitchen Dance" in pieces by Aszure Barton and Benjamin Millipied.
Most impressive is the author's use of snippets from the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries to formulate the text segments of the two plays "Shakespeare" creates (for Philip and Queen Bess).
A desperately needed antidote to proponents of "family values" who quote or misquote snippets of scripture to support specific narrow views, Jesus' Family Values places the highest value of all on truth--and concerning such thorny and controversial topics such as religion, the best way to reach the truth is to offer as much research, evidence, broad-ranging interpretation, and logical means of analysis as reasonably possible and let the reader come to his or her own informed conclusions, precisely as Deirdre Good has done.
Organized by theme rather than chronologically, the snippets of revelation about how daily American life used to be are often driven home with firsthand testimonies of ordinary people who lived in those times.
SNIPPETS of overheard conversations, paintings, poems and memories have been bound together in a new book which celebrates a Northumberland market town.
By publishing only snippets, or short pieces of information from copyrighted works (such as with thumbnails), Google is using the work for a different purpose that will not impact on the market for the original.