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a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place

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I no longer blame the sniper for firing that shot at Michael because he was simply following an order.
On display in his small village house is an impressive cache of medals awarded to Smith during the ten years he served as a sniper, all won when competing in some of the world's top class shooting competitions, prompting me to ask if he still has the talent and the eye even at the age of sixty plus?
The video shows at least three US soldiers falling to the ground after apparently being shot by snipers in separate attacks.
While the sniper victims were of varied races, Malvo told a jailer that was part of the shooters' design, since it helped to mask their motives and avoid capture.
I shot one guy in the head, and his head exploded", says Sergeant Randy Davis, one of about 40 snipers in the US Army's new 3,600-soldier Stryker Brigade, from Fort Lewis, Washington.
During an official delivery ceremony on March 13, Maj Gen Donald Wetekam, commander of the Wamer Robins Air Logistics Center (Wamer Robins AFB, GA), declared the Lockheed Martin (Orlando, FL) Sniper XR (extended range) Advanced Targeting Pod as the "targeting pod of the future.
On October 17, a man claiming to be the sniper telephoned the tip line to brag about an unsolved murder in Alabama.
Two weeks after the Sniper suspects' arrests, he filed the theft report with the police and ATF.
TWO men were arrested today in connection with the serial sniper attacks around Washington, police said.
THE shooting of a man at a bus stop in Montgomery County, Maryland, today was being investigated by police hunting the Washington sniper.
The Sniper Series Model 400 portable infrared thermometer is featured in this two-page bulletin.
With the significant amount of time that Sniper pilots have in the air, they are adept at reconstructing the details of a complex aerial dogfight and relating the good and bad points to Marine pilots.
We stood there in the middle of the street, shielded from sniper fire by a concrete block on which the words PINK FLOYD had been spray-painted--a clear allusion to the rock group's gloomy words, "All in all, you are just another brick in the wall"--and we cried.
The sniper," the more dangerous of the two, has a more serious intent: to either embarrass or discredit you.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the only multi-platform first person shooter exclusively designed around the modern military sniper experience.