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Synonyms for snigger

Synonyms for snigger

a stifled laugh

a facial expression or laugh conveying scorn or derision

to laugh in a stifled way

to smile or laugh scornfully or derisively

Synonyms for snigger

a disrespectful laugh


Related Words

laugh quietly

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Now listen to the laughter (groans don't count) and decide which category it fits: cackler, snorter, chuckler, sniggerer, howler, suppressed, giggler, or belly buster.
Sniggerers may insist that the US has contributed little more lasting or iconic to the world than the Coca-Cola bottle, but she also gave us in Britain the Liberty ship, the Flying Fortress and the GI, without which we could still be living under the perversion of the cross that is the swastika.
1994 - The Prince of Wallies bared his soul for Father O'Dimbleby and the massed gawpers and sniggerers of armchair Britain, a half-naked man landed on the roof of Buckingham Palace using a motorised parachute and an entirely naked cad landed on your breakfast table when we revealed Di-man James Hewitt as Turkey of the Year.
I used to see them behind the bike sheds, sniggering and snorting like the sniggerers and snorters they are.
The professional sniggerers at the big men of African history now look like the small men they always were.