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Synonyms for snigger

Synonyms for snigger

a stifled laugh

a facial expression or laugh conveying scorn or derision

to laugh in a stifled way

to smile or laugh scornfully or derisively

Synonyms for snigger

a disrespectful laugh


Related Words

laugh quietly

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Now listen to the laughter (groans don't count) and decide which category it fits: cackler, snorter, chuckler, sniggerer, howler, suppressed, giggler, or belly buster.
1994 - The Prince of Wallies bared his soul for Father O'Dimbleby and the massed gawpers and sniggerers of armchair Britain, a half-naked man landed on the roof of Buckingham Palace using a motorised parachute and an entirely naked cad landed on your breakfast table when we revealed Di-man James Hewitt as Turkey of the Year.
I used to see them behind the bike sheds, sniggering and snorting like the sniggerers and snorters they are.
Then you get the 'sniggerers', who go down to a well-stocked salmon pool armed with large weighted treble hooks to rip fish out; snarers, who use rabbit snares on poles to tail them out; and gangs of prawners, who descend on fly-only stretches and wheech them out.
The professional sniggerers at the big men of African history now look like the small men they always were.