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Synonyms for snigger

Synonyms for snigger

a stifled laugh

a facial expression or laugh conveying scorn or derision

to laugh in a stifled way

to smile or laugh scornfully or derisively

Synonyms for snigger

a disrespectful laugh


Related Words

laugh quietly

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"A couple of senior male bosses had a little snigger and I never heard from them again."
To rebuild Paradise Circus in the manner proposed by the city council planners would certainly justify more than the odd snigger for years and years to come.
to snigger or foul hook salmon, poachers use heavy, virtually unbreakable wire, such as strimmer cord or a clothes rope attached to a bare treble hook and lead.
Parents have got to get over their personal hang ups and move away from a 'nudge, nudge, snigger, snigger' attitude.
He would look at me and snigger. He looked at me dead eerie.''
The idea of council officers installing special pink streetlights that reveal acne in the hope it will scare troublesome teens off our streets might provoke a few sniggers.
When she laughs in public, everyone turns to stare and smirks or sniggers.