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liable to sniffle

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Sniffly is now > And during a visit to the vet, the cause of her sniffling was discovered to be a pellet lodged in her nose.
Mr Rimmer, an electrical and mechanical fitter, said: "On the Friday he just seemed to have a sniffly nose and all the things you would expect with a bad cold but by the Monday his body was jerking and flinching.
Final thoughts Invest in hand sanitizer - The most wonderful time of the year is also the most sniffly time of the year for many travelers.
But a couple of weeks ago, the second I felt my first cold symptoms coming on - the telltale scratchy throat and sniffly nose - I whipped out a little bottle of zinc-infused mouth spray and followed the instructions to the letter.
This cold is characterized by a sniffly, red and running nose, an itchy sore throat, watery eyes and just sneezing
Yet my revulsion was always shot through with pity, and a vein of terror: I too have a weak jaw and sniffly nose, a predilection for reading the paper as I stuff food into my face.
The pair were next seen shaking on the pavement outside, clearly unsettled and sniffly.
Except in small details: my widowed mother--left to run the family orchard business when our dad died--gave our pots and pans to the workers who came to pick our fruit; gave toys we didn't play with to their sniffly, rascally, sad-eyed children; she gave help and succor to the women whose husbands beat them.
We are consuming milk and cheese on a daily basis and then wonder why everyone is so congested and sniffly.
During cold season, you'll often hear someone telling a sniffly person, "Don't cough on me.
ACHING bones, a sniffly nose and a head full of cotton wool - it's that time of year when the flu virus hits.
This law makes it illegal for sniffly people with adenoid problems to purchase more than a certain amount of cold medicine a day.
Unlike my no-nut friend, who breaks out in uncomfortable itchy hives, many children today don't just respond to nuts with a sniffly nose or scratchy throat; they are literally deathly allergic.
A thermometer-wielding Leavin dotes on a sniffly Brown, curled up in bed with the remote control.
It's not helped by the fact that these wretched girls always seem to have red, sniffly noses, presumably as a result of spending too much time in draughty rooms with no vest on.