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The patient was then discharged with advice to avoid blocking both nostrils while sneezing.
The English patient made a full recovery and was advised to avoid plugging his nose while sneezing in the future.
This action is called "reverse" sneezing because air is going in, not out as in a typical sneeze.
If Felix is sneezing frequently, he has some form of irritation to his nasal passages.
Successful rallies seemed to have a lot more sneezing involved.
The Centers for Disease Control recommends coughing and sneezing into the upper sleeve to help stop germs from spreading.
However, frequent sneezing could also indicate an infection, especially if your guinea pig's nasal discharge is thick and has a nasty colour.
We frequently see people sneezing in the public without covering their mouths with their hands thus putting people in their surrounding at the risk of contracting various contagious viruses.
Anne suffers not from an excess of husbandly devotion, the kind that results in gifts every Valentine's Day of outsized teddy bears, but from sternutation, an ostentatious word for sneezing.
ASOLDIER has been cleared of killing a married couple in a car crash when he suffered a sneezing fit at the wheel.
The sneezing isn't life threatening, and owners can take some easy steps to shorten an episode.
ISLAMABAD -- Hubble space telescope has discovered a star in the midst of a sneezing fit.
If I could make a hard and fast decree for all of society that we stop blessing people for sneezing and instead cheer them on for burping or hiccupping, I'd wave my scepter (I'd surely have a scepter in this scenario), and make it so.
Each sneezing fit produces another unpredictable discharge: "Achoo
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- New research suggests that sneezing is the body's natural reboot and that patients with disorders of the nose such as sinusitis can't reboot, explaining why they sneeze more often than others.