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Compositae Basin Erigeron Nectar Rayless aphanactis Daisy (Gray) Compositae Curly-cup Grindelia Nectar Gumweed squarrosa (native (Pursch) and introduced) Compositae Broom Gutierrezia Nectar Snakeweed sarothrae (Pursch) Compositae Goldenweed Haplopappus Nectar acaulis (Nutt.) Compositae Sneezeweed Helenium Nectar autumnale Compositae Sunflower Helianthus Nectar annuus L.
Helenium autumnalis - choose from a range of cultivars of this sneezeweed, with their red, yellow and orange typical open daisy flowers on 1 metre (3') stems.
Helenium (Helen's Flower, Sneezeweed) is a native, vigorous-growing, 3- to 5-foot, clump-forming, fully hardy perennial that can be used in the back of the flower border, mixed in with shrubs, or located in the cutting garden.
My favorite is the bright purple-magenta color (Monarda media), which could go well with the sleek and dramatic Green Dragon (Arisaema dracontium), the sun-golden Purple-head Sneezeweed (Helenium flexuosum), or the cheery aster-flower New York Ironweed (Vernonia noveboracensis).
One vulnerable species, a plant called the Virginia sneezeweed (Helenium virginicum), was known only from Virginia until a population was discovered in Missouri in 1960.
Rimer is the Natural History Regional Biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation's Ozark Region and the State Recovery Leader for Virginia Sneezeweed (Rhonda.
Waves and waves of lobelia, lupine, New Jersey tea, Turk's-cap, yellow star, pasture rose, purple milkwort, sneezeweed, purple avens, Ohio spiderwort, wild bergamot, fringed gentian, black-eyed susan, golden alexanders, purple coneflower, blue flag, cardinal flower, Maximilian sunflower, and butterfly weed bloom and swing as their fragrance is lost in the gusty wind.
Sneezeweed, Helenium autumnale, is a recorded host (Scott 1985) and was present in the area.
Compositae plants include many common wild plants such as American ragweed, dandelion, feverfew, sneezeweed, and tansy.
sneezeweed Helianthus sunflower Helianthus annuus L.
autumnale; Common Sneezeweed; Riverbank along Mississinewa River; Infrequent; C = 3; BSUH 17343, 17359.
Which is where the legend comes unstuck since heleniums are native to North America not Greece and who would dare suggest that a plant whose common name is sneezeweed could possibly be connected to such a beauty.
Sneezeweed or helenium autumnale are tall plants which go full tilt in mid-September until the frosts.
Virginia Sneezeweed (Helenium virginicum) This perennial in the aster family is restricted to seasonally inundated sinkhole ponds and meadows within Augusta and Rockingham counties in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.