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a person who sneezes

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ichard Blenkiron, led the dwarfs in a lov ely rendition of Hi-Ho, Sneezer played by Binde Johal threatened to blow the set away and Humpy played by Nathan Phillips was a perfect combination of protective and grumpy.
Even if the bacteria from one sneeze survive only for a couple of days as was once thought, the sneezer is going to continue to replenish his environment with fomites for a week or three.
The Sneezer went off at a fair lick in front before Grey Gold took over, while Lancetto and Gus Macrae waited in the wings.
In reality, China has probably the best custom, which is that the sneezer is the one to excuse themselves.
Impressed with this tale of Paul Bunyan proportions, the other members dubbed Harris the "Supreme Sneezer." The title stuck and, for years, the leader of the organization was given this esteemed and official name.
But then he becomes inspired by an actual Roman, one Julius Sneezer: Frances Lincoln, 5.99 [pounds sterling], 978 1 84780 488 4.
Instead it was as roundly avoided as a pallid, sweaty sneezer on public transport during flu season - chiefly because it wasn't at all funny.
Nina Carberry's mount, who missed an engagement at Leopardstown last Sunday due to the fast ground, finished well to take fifth place behind The Sneezer.
Miserable miser Ebenezer Sneezer (Paul Chuckle) and his kind-hearted brother, Bob Scratchit (Barry Chuckle) are visited by three ghosts who arrive to hear Ebenezer shouting at the butcher: "Turkeys aren't just for Christmas!" Box office: 029 2087 8444 A Christmas Carol When: Until January 9 Where: Sherman Cymru, Cardiff What: The Christmas classic by Charles Dickens has been adapted for stage by the award-winning playwright Gary Owen.
But the worst -- and the one I truly dread -- is the sneezer. You don't want to catch their cold but they are determined.
you are a photic sneezer, you got it from one of your parents!
Being an elbow sneezer is a bit more awkward than being a hand honker.
Harrington: If you make too big a fuss when you send it back, you could get a "sneezer" when they bring it out to you a second time!