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with a sneer

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He sneeringly responded: Am I my brothers keeper?Cains attitude of impunity is reflected in the conduct of the drivers of the war they are waging right in our backyard in the nascent South Sudan at great cost to unarmed civilians.
What is proven is that West Brom's Rodriguez held his nose and, sneeringly, made some comments towards Bong.
It reappeared in the 1910s, as Northern Californians resented the moralizing prohibitionists of what they sneeringly called "Puritangeles." (Times do change.)
And while some may call "a conscious focus on minority inclusion in both marketing and hiring" sneeringly "politically correct," serving ALL is our very reason for existing.
Class struggle is in the cigarette brand, of course, they sneeringly remind us.
By the new millennium, Adams and Sellars had charted such a clear trajectory that observers could rightfully expect another "CNN opera," as detractors sneeringly termed their work.
"But for that very reason, the regime has never felt very embarrassed by criticism of its human rights record, and has reported sneeringly on that criticism to its own people.
While some leading drug chains at the time sneeringly dismissed the impact on their business, in the following years most major retailers have responded with some sort of discount drug program.
It has about 20 rules, and at the bottom it sneeringly threatens: "If you don't want to follow these rules, then leave.
Raised by honest Kansas's farmers to have a strong moral compass, the original Superman was so squeaky-clean that fellow superheroes sneeringly dubbed him the 'big blue Boy Scout'.
Unashamedly aimed at drivers us oldies sneeringly dismiss as "boy racers"e this souped-up mini-Italian stallion ticks all the right boxes for its target market.
Radio 5 Live seems split between those who want to help racing and those who seem sneeringly contemptuous of it, so let's try areas we haven't plumbed before - why not have assorted racing buffs of differing ages, sex and politics grilled by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight about why this is actually the culmination of civilisation as we know it.
Yes, I was being part-snob, parthypocrite, watching them sneeringly in my purple Craghopper fleece, especially as I am a firm believer in the cheering power of a skinny latte on a cold day's walk.
Senator George Allen, a Republican, sneeringly suggested that the U.N.
Burgess's physical appearance gets sneeringly derided, too.