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Synonyms for sneering

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for sneering

expressive of contempt

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I am the only person who believes the Tories are sneering, mendacious and dishonest?
Mr Gove said: "It is that sort of sneering condescension towards people who believe in democracy that discredits people in the Remain camp."
Well, as a fan of the Half Man Half Biscuit song It's Clichd To Be Cynical At Christmas, I know what you're getting at - but hey, don't knock sneering, Tony, it's a national sport (and should be in the Olympics).
Sneering: The Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) has openly sneered at an Iranian attack on its analytical work.
Don't mention: Sneering. "I hate the word," he claims.
Rage: Cheryl, right, slated Wagner for sneering at her roots Cutting it: Katie shows off new short style on show last night
TWO sneering yobs who built a four-foot high barricade on a Midland railway line that almost derailed a train have been jailed.
Stephen Fry has criticised "sneering" anti-Americanism among the British, ahead of the US Presidential elections.
But Watson, who hit the headlines over whether or not he had filmed the moment of an Alzheimer's sufferer's death in his moving film Malcolm and Barbara: Love's Farewell, raised eyebrows when he hit out at "sneering" reality shows.
While director and cowriter Marco Kreuzpaintner breaks no new ground here--viewers might find themselves reminded of Christina Ricci's sneering comments regarding movies about 'that summer that changed everything" in The Opposite of Sex--Summer Storm boasts energetic young actors, beautiful locations and cinematography, and an interesting mix of queer characters, from campy queens to tattooed jocks.
The artist-patron relationship has yielded plenty of great art over the centuries, from Michelangelo's over-the-top Moses on the tomb of Pope Julius II to Velazquez's dutiful Las Meninas and Goya's sneering The Family of Charles IV.
SO, the scaremongering and sneering is intensifying by the day as we approach May 5I refer to the increasingly vicious and ridiculous comments being made by the Labour party about Plaid Cymru or, as they like to call them, the nats.
But the sooner we get over the fashion of sneering at the "new economy" and start trying to understand how the economy continues to change, the better off we all will be.
Steinberg accuses animal advocates of a "sneering disregard for humanity" and "self-righteous delusion." Scrape away the bald ad hominems and the unpersuasive arguments, and there isn't much left.
Had the local authority refused planning for this development I can easily imagine sneering editorials from the AR about provincialism and the inability of 'the regions' to recognize 'architectural innovation'.