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Synonyms for sneering

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for sneering

expressive of contempt

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I am the only person who believes the Tories are sneering, mendacious and dishonest?
Well, as a fan of the Half Man Half Biscuit song It's Clichd To Be Cynical At Christmas, I know what you're getting at - but hey, don't knock sneering, Tony, it's a national sport (and should be in the Olympics).
TWO sneering yobs who built a four-foot high barricade on a Midland railway line that almost derailed a train have been jailed.
While director and cowriter Marco Kreuzpaintner breaks no new ground here--viewers might find themselves reminded of Christina Ricci's sneering comments regarding movies about 'that summer that changed everything" in The Opposite of Sex--Summer Storm boasts energetic young actors, beautiful locations and cinematography, and an interesting mix of queer characters, from campy queens to tattooed jocks.
Any time the golfing threatens tedium, another sneering aristocrat, or ever-grumpy Arthur, must remind Francis that he's not one of them.
The artist-patron relationship has yielded plenty of great art over the centuries, from Michelangelo's over-the-top Moses on the tomb of Pope Julius II to Velazquez's dutiful Las Meninas and Goya's sneering The Family of Charles IV.
SO, the scaremongering and sneering is intensifying by the day as we approach May 5I refer to the increasingly vicious and ridiculous comments being made by the Labour party about Plaid Cymru or, as they like to call them, the nats.
Stiv Bators picking up chewing gum off the stage and popping it into his mouth, and generally beating himself to death; Cheetah Chrome looking tough as nails and sneering at the crowd; the rest of the band pounding it out loud and fast; shit man, you couldn't ask for more, but you get it.
But the sooner we get over the fashion of sneering at the "new economy" and start trying to understand how the economy continues to change, the better off we all will be.
Had the local authority refused planning for this development I can easily imagine sneering editorials from the AR about provincialism and the inability of 'the regions' to recognize 'architectural innovation'.
In an excellent, fully voiced reading in beautifully modulated tones, Kim Hicks captures every well-drawn character convincingly, from the sneering boys and snobby girls involved in the persecution to the fiery Aussie Lauren and the thoughtful Alex, as well as the various parents and school officials.
That has not changed with this album of secular and sacred Christmas standards, and his unique oh-so-deep baritone voice often has a sneering tone that is, quite frankly, a poor fit on Christmas pieces that mean so much to so many people.
Old Kingston Penitentiary is described as foolishly soft (even sneering at supposed `room service' for those held in segregation in Kingston Penitentiary) and also described as a place characterized by constant fear and horror.
Another time we talked about how he might have felt when he healed a blind man with spit and dirt, when he prayed desperately for a little dead girl to be alive, and when he had a sponge with sour bitter vinegar crammed in his mouth by a sneering soldier.
I feel like I have a big camera mounted on my head that inputs everyday information and produces a sneering readout of "Oh yeah, right.