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Synonyms for sneerer

a person who expresses contempt by remarks or facial expression

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It seems like it's going to be a great summer until Ana discovers her work partner is Ashley, one of the Sneerers! With added pressure from her best friend to kiss a boy before going back to school, Ana is left to figure out what she wants to do and if Ashley is out to get her or just needs a second chance.
The play grants the audience delicious "punishment" of these misfit sneerers, then under the power of a crafted intensity of pathos, relents to forgive and include them.
Now the cameras are again scanning audiences looking to capture that snide shot which sums up the spineless sneerers who sit in the audience booing the misguided, tone-deaf fools who're happy to be exploited by that creep Cowell.
For the snobs and sneerers I ask, where is your compassion?
The sneerers and moaners should stay in their soft suburbs.
Then for us sneerers things start to go badly wrong, as it turns out Morgan does have some disconcertingly redeeming features.
He explained that Gazza had a bright future in management, that Gazza would show all the mockers and sneerers. Gazza would be just fine.
More sophisticated sneerers e-mail that I'm worried that "white women" aren't doing their bit.
That is as may be, but the sneerers get colds and I don't.
Dilworth, in his Life of Alexander Pope (1759), who attacked the sneerers, chief among them being Warton, 'who have maliciously endeavoured to prove, that Mr.
Yet, despite the sneerers, they have not gone away.
And that's one in the eye for those sneerers who suggested it was an insurance job.