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Synonyms for sneaking

Synonyms for sneaking

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

Synonyms for sneaking

not openly expressed


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Dubai: A man has been accused of sneaking into his sister-in-law's bedroom through the window and attempting to abuse her sexually, a court heard on Tuesday.
Once they do become available, how do you stop spotty youths sneaking into the girls changing rooms?
A BURGLAR left a woman devastated after sneaking into her home as she took a shower.
Opportunist burglars have been sneaking inside homes through unlocked doors at both the back and front of houses, stealing valuables left on work surfaces.
Although the Blues boss tipped Albion at the campaign's start to win automatic promotion, he has a sneaking feeling that their Black Country rivals could snaffle the end-of-season glory.
Meg is sneaking off to spend time with a British officer.
Security staff at Middlesbrough's University of Teesside spotted eight youths, aged about 14 to 18 sneaking around in a communal kitchen at 3.40am today.
American coots (Fulica americana) wage covert egg wars among themselves, sneaking into a neighboring nest to deposit an egg for the other family to raise, explains Bruce E.
"We can see you sneaking out, we can see you sneaking out..." It is an age old chant from victorious supporters to mock opposition fans who head for the exit gates early, but it is not usually heard at half-time.
As young as 5, he was sneaking into the studio to make songs.
One oddity of Them is that Ronson, having settled on the quest theme, spends most of his questing time on the trail of Bilderberg types, as if sneaking behind their curtains were the same thing as finding ZOG's "secret roomy."
Short argued that both the art-parables" appearing in the Sunday funnies and the gospel parables of Jesus often teach a powerful lesson by "sneaking up" on their audience.
I guess what startled me was the high I got sneaking those sprigs in when he wasn't looking.
Woman sneaks 167 ?cigarettes into jail !-- -- Marc Jayson Cayabyab (The Philippine Star) - May 21, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines A woman faces disciplinary action after she was caught sneaking in 167 cigarette sticks in her vagina into the Navotas City Jail Saturday.
Sneaking of mobile phones is the latest trend despite teachers linking the gadgets to rising crime and insecurity in schools.