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Synonyms for sneakiness

the act of proceeding slowly, deliberately, and secretly to escape observation

Synonyms for sneakiness

a disposition to be sly and stealthy and to do things surreptitiously

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"I liked the feeling they gave me - they sort of numbed everything - and I also liked the sneakiness of taking extra pills out of my mom's bag without her knowing," shared Lovato.
First of all a degree of bravado at having reached such high speeds, a bit of nervous laughter and cursing the sneakiness of the cops.
Still, the defense bar mustn't rule out continued sneakiness on the part of plaintiffs lawyers (see "Dedicated Deviants").
Grand National Channel 4, 4.15pm IF there's one thing we should all have learned from the brutal battle for Christmas ratings it's that you should never underestimate the sneakiness of the people who work in TV scheduling, writes Michael Brear.
The combination of the sneakiness, squishing, tightness, and suffocation strongly suggests a homeopathic medicine made from a snake.
(39) Accordingly, "an out-of-court declarant whose utterance is introduced for the truth of the matter of asserted" (40) is only considered to be a witness when it is necessary to prevent violations of the Confrontation Clause by prosecutorial "sneakiness." (41) Thus, witnessing encompasses some kinds of out-of-court statements, such as "videotapes, transcripts, depositions, and affidavits when prepared for court use and introduced as testimony," (42) including any such substitute testimony given by the defendant "under penalty of contempt." (43) This distinguishes Professor Amar's approach to confrontation from Crawford's by excluding a defendant's confession to the police since there is no threat of contempt when the police interrogate a defendant.
By bringing together these fears--of unfamiliar dietary practices, the stereotype of Asian sneakiness, government corruption, and the unintentional consumption of (bodily or morally) inedible substances--The Cove provokes deep uneasiness in viewers.
You feel, "If I'm going to have any fun, I'm going to have to deceive my partner, because if I do something for myself out in the open it's considered immoral." Altruism forces sneakiness.
So much so, in fact, that the towering Biblical figure of Moses owed his life to five women - two midwives, his mother, his sister and the Pharaoh's daughter herself - for their collective bravery, sneakiness and backbone.
It is being pushed mainly by Republicans who think there is much Iranian sneakiness going on in Latin America.
Instead, he insinuates--in a review laced with aspersions and backhanded compliments--that this emphasis is symptomatic of a lack of imagination, an incapacity for aesthetic appreciation and even downright sneakiness. Aiding this characterization is the fact that he routinely overlooks how the book anticipates and addresses reservations that he raises (he stresses the influence of The Shipping News on the popularity of Newfoundland fiction as if I hadn't broached that point myself, for instance, and accuses me of doing an injustice to these writers, whereas I acknowledge that I am emphasizing certain aspects of what is multifaceted writing).
As bad as my sneakiness is, it's better than bragging, which is the chief feature of most holiday letters that start arriving this time of year.
It is hard work to do such things around here--type and print; a lot of sneakiness and very time consuming when I have to write, save, pretend I'm doing something else, write a little more, save, pretend ...
There has been an undercurrent of sneakiness, in-fighting, back-stabbing and side-taking behind the scens.