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Synonyms for sneakily

in a surreptitious manner

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It did so sneakily, after exploring the 13 million-hectare continental shelf without Manila's permission.
EMILY, Lauren, Stephen and Martin defeating Hunted's HQ despite C4 sneakily making them gather in one place.
The Monster Who Ate the State is a sneakily educational children's picturebook.
Meanwhile, he sneakily whispers to Julie that Dominic is damaged goods and still bitter from his divorce.
When the narrator of this sneakily clever book decides he will try to draw, even though he believes he isn't very good at it, a world of silly possibilities opens for him.
The Spanish international was linked to numerous European clubs, with Manchester United and Arsenal considered to be frontrunners, but the west Londoners were able to sneakily land the former Gunners skipper.
That's because when we were growing up, I would sneakily open his Easter eggs on the mantelpiece, steal the chocolates inside and carefully put the foil and the box back in place.
If they think that they can sneakily "borrow" a scene from one of their videos without getting noticed then they must assume we don't own TVs or computers which is also quite insulting.
The former X Factor star and I'm a Celebrity winner is seven months pregnant, and a newspaper has run shots of her sneakily enjoying a cigarette, despite being due to give birth at the beginning of May.
For jump shooters, hiding behind a cow silhouette keeps them sneakily covered up until they're in range for the shot.
Teams are allowed only two failed reviews per innings, so surely Kallis was sneakily just using Prior to save himself from having one turned down.
"We're on the verge of sneakily getting pregnant and passing it off as a grandchild," Laurence told Hello magazine.
It sneakily sends up blossoms so gorgeous and fleet-footed
After March 31 there will be no escape, because legislation has been sneakily slipped through to make it an offence.
The tiger sneakily repaints the door with the university color.