sneak thief

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a thief who steals without using violence

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He is an opportunist sneak thief who went in to take anything he could find.'
I READ about the low-life, sneak thief who stole the 88-year-old veteran's medal, his father's medal and his collection of antique coins etc.
Now police have launched another investigation as they hunt a suspected sneak thief who stole a retro-style radio.
A FAMILY discovered a sneak thief loading their car with the family TV and computer in an early morning raid.
Sneak thief crept in through unlocked door at which had been left on floor and fled unseen.
A SNEAK thief has stolen an elderly woman's handbag from her Nuneaton home.
A SNEAK thief has stolen John Lennon's famous round glasses from a statue at the airport bearing his name.
RESIDENTS in Bromsgrove were today warned to be on their guard after a sneak thief stole pounds 600 from the bedroom of an elderly man while he was outside gardening.
But it relies on companies not treating it as a way of dipping into customers' bank accounts like a sneak thief.
Police are hunting this suspected sneak thief who raided a school.
POLICE are hunting a sneak thief within their own ranks.
The culprit was finally caught by BBC security staff who, showing a slight sense-of-humour failure, manhandled the sneak thief back to the studio.
Eileen, 44, thought a sneak thief had struck, but was astonished when bosses confessed it was an employee in the shop's dry cleaning department.
Cops are hunting a sneak thief who broke into a woman's car in the middle of Paisley.
The serial sneak thief, who fed a drugs habit by stealing cash and valuables from the homes of others during a crime career spanning 30 years, used the pages of the Chronicle to apologise to all his victims in June.