sneak off

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leave furtively and stealthily

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A teenage juror who halted a trial by pretending he was ill, so he could sneak off to see a stage show in London, has been released from prison.
Sarah and Alex defy Sam and sneak off to a party, with dire consequences, while a snowstorm strands Banfield and Morris at a Nebraska medical conference.
It was even possible to promise to take the wife shopping, then you could sneak off to watch the game while she stared at shoes
Washington, June 16 (ANI): Jada Pinkett Smith surely knows how to keep her sex life upbeat, for the actress has admitted that she and hubby Will Smith often sneak off for sex at friends' parties.
She then confessed that she wanted to sneak off to see our show.
How they erode the local tax base, then sneak off over the
Williams, who challenges for Vitali Klitschko's WBC title in Las Vegas on Saturday night, yesterday admitted: ``My dad would send me off to the gym when I was eight and I would sneak off to play pool.
Meanwhile, as usual, the crooks that demanded the bribes get away with a ``no comment,'' and sneak off to some dark alley to squeeze some other poor slob.
Unlike Clarissa, Osborne does not sneak off with her lover.
We have our little perks and sneak off now and again in both our work and daily life but now what a nice feeling to know that someone armed with a camera will be there to report us every time we stray from the straight and narrow.
After Sunday's rain, many expected the runners to head to the traditionally favoured far side but Smith, drawn one, was the only one brave enough in the six-furlong maiden, and he waited until halfway to sneak off alone.
Following their new discoveries, Sunday and Fred sneak off to an abandoned quarry to plan what they will do next and find themselves witnessing the apparent Mafia murder of Burwell and another teacher.
Yet mismatched birds show quirks that reduce the damage, such as a good sex ratio of nestlings and an extra willingness to sneak off for a quick visit to a member of the right species.
They'll be able to sneak off paying only 20 percent til the year 2000 -- and 18 percent after that.