sneak in

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enter surreptitiously


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insert casually

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POLICE have appealed to householders in Northumberland to help them beat the criminals following a spate of sneak in burglaries.
"None of us wants to live in a world where we have to lock our doors and windows, but the reality is that if we are in our houses with the TV or radio on we might not be able to hear someone sneak in.
'This year some burglars have taken advantage of people being out in their gardens, not locking their back gardens and leaving windows wide open, to sneak in and steal things.
``There are burglars just waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and out and they often do so in seconds.''
That's why we are warning householders to lock up and not risk losing out over the summer as part of a big drive to prevent sneak in burglaries.
"The type of break-ins we've been seeing are typical opportunistic type burglaries -sheds being broken into that have been left unlocked or insecure, bikes being stolen after being left unattended and insecure and sneak in burglaries where windows and doors have been left open.
It follows a spate of "sneak in" burglaries across the area over the last couple of weeks.