sneak away

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leave furtively and stealthily

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There were so many people at one function that is was impossible to sneak away to avoid their unwanted attention.
and 1 a.m., E!) Khloe finds an interview containing negative comments about her family hurtful; Kris gets Kim's pal Jonathan to sneak away with her to Sonoma; and Scott takes up karate to satisfy his couples therapy homework.
Schneiderman, who is rumoured to run for governor, was even able to sneak away with her earlier this year on a 10-day vacation to Hawaii.
Later, the assailants dropped the seven policemen and two passengers because they were locals and belonged to different Baloch tribes.Sources told that a paramilitary soldier tried to sneak away but was killed by the gunmen.
Here's your chance to sneak away for a short break in any of the 3 and 4-star hotels listed for only PS20 per person per night including full breakfast.
I'm sure if I climb through that binhole in the yard wall Then I could easily sneak away But I'm too scared to "escape" from this place All I can see is railway track Oh where can my little brother be?
Tip toes aren't going to let you sneak away from these sensitive spiders!
I was also too young to listen to Richard Pryor albums in my formative years, but I devoured them whenever I could sneak away with like-minded friends in basement rec rooms across the suburban sprawl of Kansas City.
"He was a top player and I suffered at his hands when I was at Newcastle United and he twice ran off Solano to sneak away in a game we played really well in."
Burton had to wait until late in the game for their best chance to sneak away with all three points.
As nothing is final with the PCB chairman, Ijaz Butt, who is notorious for taking u-turns on his statements, Shoaib might sneak away with another touch of politics, but Ijaz has made it clear some days ago that Shoaib would only find himself in the team if selectors approve him.
Sakhi - who masterminded a string of roadside bombings and ambushes as well as the kidnapping and killing of an Afghan security official - was killed as he tried to sneak away in woman's clothing.
Enjoy an opulent wedding with second-to-none food, service and the romantic backdrop of the hotel, invite friends to the occasion and then sneak away to the Red Sea to relax and enjoy the beach.
Most of the members willingly killed their children and themselves, though a few managed to sneak away. The forty-seven-year old Jones was killed by a gunshot to the head, thought not to he self-inflicted.
For years, after each domestic shouting episode or particularly moving sermon, he'd sneak away to watch them dance.