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Zac, 11 months, was also snazzily dressed for their cruise around Sydney harbour - in a natty sailor's top and coordinating stripy socks.
The last straw, and what sums up "The Public", is that sometime someone must start to pick up the dozens and dozens of cigarette stubs stuck in the mat outside the front door - it's no good thinking it's enough just to put a snazzily designed stainless steel ash tin outside the building - you have to have cleaners there each and every day keeping the pounds 53m building looking like somewhere you are willing to pay to go in to.
But just because it's easy to be cynical about their snazzily named "Red Zone Roadshow" doesn't mean you necessarily shouldn't.
Kelly's mission to develop a new generation of players from all backgrounds has received a timely boost from the ECB's pioneering education package, snazzily titled Howzat - The First Innings.
Thanks to one of cable's hottest shows, Phillips may have found her match - a snazzily dressed aspiring musician three years her junior.
SUITS YOU Snazzily dressed Messi with glamorous girlfriend Antonella
Robinson is the target in a snazzily staged drama that does for poker what The Hustler did for pool - make a dingy sport carried out in smoke- filled rooms seem exciting and suspenseful.
Snazzily attired and musically sussed, this LA six-piece features artists who've served time with Macy Gray, De La Soul and Black Eyed Peas.
Well how about that snazzily be-hatted fellow on the Quaker Oats packaging, surely that's William Penn?