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We asked four readers to try some of the snazziest swimmies on the high street and give us their verdict, just in time for the summer holidays.
Debut album 'The Dew Lasts an Hour' takes the snazziest, glammest bits of the 80s and presents them with shimmering production and Rosie's effortlessly cool vocals and lyrics.
Of the five Peter Jackson companies in Wellington, Park Road Post wins the prize for the snazziest HQ.
If you believe two reporters from a publication that has carried oceans of water for this president, Obama spends an inordinate amount of time rubbing elbows with athletes and academics and eating the finest foods in the snazziest places.
All in all, the press turned it into a bizarre Mother's Day talent show, all vying to show o their beautiful, best-dressed children, and all booked into the snazziest restaurants for lunch.
Hold your breath, gentlemen, for they may well be the biggest and snazziest. You cannot get any more stylish than two straps and light buckles that wrap seductively over the instep.
Cantonese cuisine: Visitors agree that Lake Pavilion (60-15 Main Street, 60th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718 886 6693) is NY's snazziest banquet-style Cantonese restaurant.
The positivity and confidence that has been reported of the market was reflected in the snazziest, tallest and most conspicuous 3D models of realty projects that were showcased at the event.
"World's Snazziest Dresser" Obtain all Batsuits attainable through gameplay
While a slew of local real estate developers were busy closing deals worth millions, if not billions of dollars, over three days of Cityscape Global 2013 that ends today, an exclusive few were on the money -- those who designed some of the snazziest, tallest and most conspicuous 3-D models of realty projects due for completion or launched at the Middle East's largest annual realty event.
The big increase comes from the fact that the days when a calculator and a shatter-proof ruler were the snazziest pieces of kit for a schoolbag are long gone.
...the days when a The big increase comes from the fact that the days when a shatter-proof ruler was the snazziest kit in a pupil's schoolbag are long gone.
No, it doesn''t qualify for the Oscars for the snazziest looking baby 4x4 on-or-off the road, but its badge and dyed-in-the-wool Germanic qualities speak volumes for its desirability and those sales figures reinforce this.
It is one of the snazziest bits of equipment on a list up there with the best, but for me the looks of the Soul hold it back because it has a face that only a mother could love.
But neither Petro nor Sims advocate getting the snazziest, most up-to-date computer money can buy.