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Synonyms for snatch

Synonyms for snatch

to grasp at (something) eagerly, forcibly, and abruptly with the jaws

to get hold of (something moving)

to take quick and forcible possession of

to take (another's property) without permission

to seize and detain (a person) unlawfully

the act of catching, especially a sudden taking and holding

Synonyms for snatch

a small fragment


Related Words

obscene terms for female genitals

(law) the unlawful act of capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment

a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted overhead in one rapid motion

to grasp hastily or eagerly

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom

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Colours: grey, black My only complaint is the snatchy fuelling between 2,000 and 4,000rpm when rolling off the throttle and back on again.
In truth, neither side played well over significant periods, Walsall because they gave too much ball away and their line-out did not function and Dudley because they were far too snatchy; trying too hard, no doubt, to mount a performance that was appropriate to the day.
No snatchy low-down power, just a useful build up from a lowly 2000revs on to a howling 14,500 should you feel in the need of a rush.
At 262kg fully fuelled, it's still a hefty beast, but thanks to the usual Hinckley magic, that mass disappears instantly on the move, making handling a doddle - particularly with a featherlight clutch and low-speed fuelling which is deliciously smooth compared to the sensitive, snatchy feel at low revs of the Explorer.
At low speeds, its chunky engine has a single thump to it, though it's not snatchy.
Now, when I watch some old DVDs, I can see my action had become very 'snatchy' under pressure - but the operation has freed me up.
From Yamaha comes a new Masters of Torque range - the MT-07 parallel twin and an MT-09 which aim to tackle Triumph's dominance of midrange triples, but won't quite if early reports of a snatchy throttle are true.
At low speeds the clutch has a tiresome "on/off" feel to it and it can be very snatchy.