snatch block

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a pulley-block that can be opened to receive the bight of a rope

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Although the snatch block was certain to give the HEMTT enough mechanical force to winch the RG-31 free, the recovery team was concerned about damaging the truck in the process.
The 35-ton snatch block is on top of the vehicle in the boom tray.
Describing the cable which had trapped Mr Parkin, as well as the condition of the snatch block he said: "Both blocks appeared not to have had any maintenance for many years, but despite the lack of maintenance I considered the starboard block was in usable condition."
Safety functions include rear brakes, brake on winch, dual safety stops on boom, design meeting 150 percent of rated load, check valve, tilt sensor, fire extinguisher, powder coated safety yellow, and CE marked industrial winch double lined with snatch block and hook with safety latch.