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Synonyms for snarly

tangled in knots or snarls

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THE GT86 formula is simply classic: a snarly, high-revving four-cylinder engine in the nose, rear-wheel-drive, 2+2 seating, a swoopy body, a stubby gearlever and a cosy cabin with low-slung sports seats.
But Poe's snarly past with Boston will be set aside Sunday, when the city officially welcomes the master of the macabre into its fold with the unveiling of a statue in his honor.
Still, the big televised "six pointer" with Millwall is next and a tasty reunion with snarly scoreophobic Scott McDonald who has a point to prove and will be fuelled by football's former player Inevitability Drive.
However, put an efficient muzzle brake on the end, and even it gets to be a bit snarly. And Bill Wilson knows how to make an efficient muzzle brake.
Jones snapped a quick picture of the snarly reptile - before scarpering in panic when it started moving towards him.
"I was snarly, angry and felt hopeless and needed to come home [to the U.S.]," she said.
While the snarly okra with boxing gloves may have struck a chord with younger alumni and new students at DSU, Blansett said the older generations had to be coaxed.
I read it spellbound by the story and Ridley's characters--not only the main players but also a vividly drawn supporting cast that includes the proto-dandy Charles-Nicolas Othon, Prince of Nassau-Siegen, who had paid to come along for the ride and primped his way around the world; the snarly ship's surgeon, Vives; and the indomitably curious Aotourou, brother to the Tahitian chief Ereti, who left Tahiti with the French expedition to sample Paris life for a brief year, becoming the chouchou of salon culture before succumbing to smallpox on his trip home.
A garden need not be large, time-consuming, or need adult management; for instance, add a quick-growing pumpkin patch and children can watch snarly, curly vines grow longer daily.
I would also ask people who I knew for recommendations, I brought in a tough, snarly CEO from a Chicago company who had a reputation for being outspoken.
Rocking out snarly covers of Sonic Youth inside an old factory work space, Lewis and his band definitively defied any miserable melancholia.
Erica Pelton Villnave's SOPHIE'S LOVELY LOCKS (9780761458203, $16.99) will reach ages 5-8 with its fun story of a girl who loves her long hair--until it becomes too snarly to manage.
'Sneery, snarly shark', action and character: 'out shot the shark with a smirk and a swish', so that this will be excellent for reading out loud and encouraging children to join in.