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Synonyms for snarled

tangled in knots or snarls


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A two-car crash during the evening rush hour at the intersection of Butterfield Road and Route 176 in Libertyville sent one person to the hospital and snarled traffic for around 30 minutes.
This had the double effect of leading to big losses for the bus companies and the roads becoming even more snarled up.
Scores of HGVs snarled up traffic as they queued for salt at the Middlewich, Cheshire, base of Britain's biggest producer.
"The people who are criticising Alesha are uneducated," he snarled. "Anyone who criticises her needs to get a life."
The two incidents badly snarled up traffic in the area, which is the main route from Mir-field and Ravensthorpe into Dewsbury.
Unless heavy investment is made in the region's biggest cities, problems like flooding, a lack of basic services and snarled transit will be a worsening nightmare for the millions who live in those cities.
And I remember the million hours she has rocked and consoled and bandaged and fed and cleaned and snarled at and sung for our children and the million hours we have wrestled ideas and locked limbs.
And at the center, it has a snarled thicket like those that will increasingly crowd Friedlander's landscapes in later years.