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Synonyms for snarf

make off with belongings of others

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Well, Snarf was so scared that he quickly fled back into his burrow - full speed ahead!
The final call came down to a group affectionately dubbed "ThunderDads"--fans of the original series who now have kids of their own--and whether they would accept a "ThunderCats" show without Snarf.
You can buy a bottle of scotch or snarf down fat-laden french fries advertised as "heavenly." The one thing you cannot get after January: marijuana.
Gaga, in a white floor-length gown, deadpanned that when previous presenter Jamie Lee Curtis said her name out loud, "I snarfed an olive into my nose and there's still a teeny, tiny piece in there."
The FDA estimates that getting rid of the remaining trans fats in the food supply - the average American still snarfs a gram a day - could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths each year.
UK GCHQ's surveillance programme called 'Tempora' snarfs everything, in a rolling buffer to allow retroactive investigation without missing a single bit.
Her favorite driver looked like someone who snarfed potato chips off the floor, but he shone in post-race press conferences, where he dutifully sipped his can of soda every forty-five seconds.
In New York City, a metropolitan area known for its extremely low number of nutcases (I just had to say that, and then laugh 'til I snarfed coffee up my nose), Ms.
So, I skipped the gym and snarfed down more sugar to feel better.
Using the Keck I telescope in Hawaii, Ben Zuckerman of UCLA and colleagues found that each of two polluted white dwarf stars snarfed at least 10 quadrillion metric tons of rocky dust.
(119) See Ryan Barrett, Privacy through Prepaid Credit Cards,, Jan.
Recoil is trifling, and the P-07 just snarfed up everything I had brought along to feed it.