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a small drum with two heads and a snare stretched across the lower head

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CUTLINE: (1) The group La que te Dije of Fitchburg performs murga, a genre that mixes music and theater, with singers accompanied by bombo (bass drum), snare drum and cymbals.
She plays the snare drum with Upper NithsdaleYouth Pipe Band and is in the school netball team.
Ryosuke Kiyasu has made a name for himself internationally through his wildly unconventional performances in which he beats a snare drum across a room using drumsticks, microphones, and whatever other apparatus he has at hand, propelled by the convulsions of his body.
He stands, not sits, behind a minimalist drum kit -- consisting of only a bass drum and snare drum -- and swings his arms in windmill circles, beating the snare drum with brushes, not sticks.
It was nice to, for once, listen to and experience something pure without a bass guitar booming or the snapping sound of a snare drum. Each instrument was expertly played, heard and enjoyed.
?Googling a runner Rimshot 7.10 Naas A rimshot is a percussion technique used to produce an accented snare drum backbeat.
There was also an impressive snare drum solo by Jack Dillon, aged just 16 and already a known figure in the music scene of Doha.
3-5YRS: Find a tree stump and create your own woodland snare drum; collect leaves and use them to create a picture of a forest friend or play leaf catch (watch for brightly coloured autumn leaves falling from the trees, then try to catch them.
advised to use the snare drum for these hits to match the short
A MUSICIAN has beaten the world record for the longest snare drum roll.
Taneli, then 23, was a masters student at Huddersfield University and played three instruments the marimba, a type of large xylophone, the djembe African drum and the snare drum across five solo performances.
Chancellor is a new work for 16 horns, snare drum, and bass drum.
Within three years, the company's order book has swollen by 60%, as a string of artists praise the sonic quality and meticulous build of the drums Liberty Drums has won an award from Rhythm magazine for the world's best snare drum and, as the industry buzz continues, Mr Street wants to double his workforce within the coming year.
From Springfield High School, second-place winners include Darrell Harrison, mallets; Walker Carroll, orchestra snare drum; Chandler Larsen, rudimental snare drum; Mason Zmolek, trombone; Trenton Fleenor, tuba; Shante Ballesteros, tenor voice; Walker Carroll, timpani; and Darrell Harrison, mallets.
A Drum set generally contains at least one snare drum, a bass drum, a high-hat cymbal, a ride cymbal, and various tom-toms.