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an informal photograph

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AccelStor adopts the Redirect-on-Write (ROW) and differential backup mechanism in snapshot technology, and customers can configure the automatic backup schedule to fit their needs.
Meanwhile, Mendiola updated her Instagram Stories with a couple of snapshots while she worked on a scene in the lagoon.
Seawings CEO, Stuart Wheeler, noted that Ras Al Khaimah has become one of the most exciting destinations to visit for thrill seekers, and strong visitor numbers indicate the time is right to bring back the snapshot flight.
Data deletion consists of the files that were deleted after the clean snapshot and before the [2.sup.nd]dirty snapshot.
Additional major features and improvements include the brand-new Storage & Snapshots Manager, global SSD cache technology, the ability for File Station to browse snapshot content and to directly access files on mobile phones, comprehensive file management solutions, GPU-acceleratedcomputing, support for 360-degree photos and videos, multi-zone multimedia control, VLC media player streaming, and much more.
The first enrollment snapshot does not include any information on coverage effectuation.
"Because of the nature of our technique, we cannot visualize live brain activity over time--we only see neurons that are active at the specific time we took the snapshot," says Eliza Adams, a graduate student in Tessier-Lavigne's lab and co-author of the study.
New York/Paris/London: Fitch Ratings has published its end-March 2016 money market fund (MMF) snapshot report and individual fund factsheets.
"We're still seeing our policies initiated with a Snapshot influence discount, whatever it might be, to be faster than the rates of growth that you're seeing as reported on aggregate," Renwick said on the fourth-quarter and full-year earnings call.
Medelinked, the online health platform that empowers healthcare engagement and management, has launched Medelinked Snapshot enabling doctor and patient to use the Medelinked Partner Health Portal to be partners in health management and giving GPs as much as two minutes extra time per consultation.
A Progressive representative estimated that about one-fifth of its pay-as-you-drive Snapshot customers may see rate increases.
Meanwhile, snapshot technology has become very popular with IT teams by making it easier to restore point-in-time copies of data.
Software results in the Snapshot window may now contain cost information, download locations, and reviews.
The "Minecraft" Snapshot 14w34b also brought in a few bug fixes, mostly for crashes in the following areas: