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Synonyms for snappish

Synonyms for snappish

apt to speak irritably


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But how can we be gracious when feeling moody and snappish?
Snappish and quick to anger, Julia's hard shell is sketched in a few words.
The teas include Salted Caramel, Apple Cider, Peppermint Bark, Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Snappish, and Eggnogg'n.
Perhaps if you skip breakfast you're rather snappish by mid-morning or little things start to annoy you more than usual when you're late having a meal?
For weekly stars call 15609 11449 Libra Sept 23 - Oct 23 Either a decision you made yesterday or one that you make today will receive a snappish reception.
Chas is troubled to see her brother being snappish with Moira and in cahoots with Charity, and assumes he's having an affair.
Do these pressures make Aucklanders snappish, curt, and impatient, like the stereotype of Parisians?
Here, Lugosi played the one and only truly full-blooded mad scientist of his Monogram career, but a rather snappish and sour one, a kind of scowling, sulky misanthrope, perpetually out of humor, even in his very rare moments of triumph.
Travers is so prickly and snappish. Was it hard to shake off her attitude when you stopped filming?
Does no one have the patience to work with her in spite of her snappish attitude?
A deleted paragraph (reproduced in the notes) turns a general statement ("we have a snappish criticism") into a scathing attack on the South: "We intend to set and keep a cordon sanitaire, all around the infected district, and by no means suffer the pestilence to spread" (CW 7:252).
"I gave you clear instructions, did I not, never to set foot in here?" she said, unsteady, snappish. "What's in your hand?
Thomas Clancy, SJ, told Arthur Jones in 1999: "Waugh's delivery was good, it was just that he had that snappish way of replying to questions." [9] On this second visit, Waugh put up again at the Roosevelt Hotel and witnessed crowds attending Ash Wednesday services at the nearby Jesuit church (Immaculate Conception).
Not only does Hall's script switch between snappish Central Park tones and languid island patois, but she also writes for characters who speak in accents ranging from the relatively conventional (Spanglish, Southern U.S., Long Islandese) to the rather more particular and exotic (Senegalese, British/Hungarian, Czech/Australian/Russian).
And then other people said I was snappish..." he said.