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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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Pre-cast ridges and tabs designed into production parts for simultaneous forming saves the need for screws, snap rings, threaded caps and rivets.
These are automatically cycled and conduct a barrage of tests to quantify external grease leakage, spline characteristics, snap ring or ring groove presence, half shaft joint lash, and articulation torque.
The second defect involves the speedometer, which may malfunction as the snap ring that holds the sensor rotor for detecting vehicle speed in two-wheel-drive vehicles may come loose, MMC said.
The end cap of the cylinder is built with a simple and dependable internal snap ring, for easy disassembly and assembly, providing easy maintenance.
dollar and French franc bills, and a snap ring were found near the body, they said.
Additional features include higher capacity bearings with a wider bearing spread for greater radial and overhung load capacity; optimized gear geometry; a double spring/double lip seal, for applications where the drive may be submerged or exposed to an outside medium; and an optimized snap ring bearing retention device for increased axial loads.
Use a combination snap ring pliers (one brand is Tekton No.
This let me see the safety shaft secured in back by a menacing snap ring with a hole in each end (for a fixture?) that will come half-way off.
approach versus competitors: "The installation is much easier." Fundamentally, there is the bag, a snap ring to attach to the blower, and the control unit.
Spiral rings are designed to fit in standard snap ring grooves.
Spiral rings are interchangeable with standard snap ring grooves.
A single turn snap ring is used in this application to keep the piston secure within the valve body.
* A removable stainless steel cage connecting to the sensor with a simple snap ring.