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break a piece from a whole

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But Cate, who has seen two dogs die in similar circumstances, is urging dog owners not to throw wooden sticks in case pieces snap off.
The Marine Rescue Unit were called to New Ferry on Monday afternoon around 1pm after a fast flowing tide forced the yacht under the structures which protrude out into the Mersey and caused the yacht's mast to snap off.
So while the best- price quote of 4- 1 about Michael Bell's three- year- old doesn't have me looking for the nearest hand to snap off, she appeals more than current market rivals Rainbow View, who top-class performer over middle-distances..
Venture outside today and snap off the old seed heads on rhododendrons, cut off the spent flower heads on lilacs, and cut back some of the too thick, too full and too long stems of forsythia.
As Trusty, of Syracuse Community Health Center, New York, danced around her she felt the bit snap off in her mouth.
"HOT CHIP WILL BREAK your legs, snap off your head.
Snap off the central spear first, which will encourage sideshoots, to be picked regularly.
'The sealed outer edge means it doesn't snap off in the yoke.
Once brushing is complete, the consumer can snap off the plate and toss the hair into the trash.
Features include consistent high quality mixing, reduced adhesive waste and snap off extensions.
"He got the safety snap off the holster and was tugging on it," VanGrowski told the Star.
2 Peel back and snap off the leaves all around the base of the artichoke until you reach the tender layer of leaves that are yellow at the bottom and green at the top.
The time has come to snap off the beaded cape that has concealed this plot to homosexualize America by uncovering these, the 12 TV Shows Designed to Make Us Gay:
Of course, the thing that helps add this incident to the Elvis folklore is that limbs of pin oaks don' t snap off. As the lower limbs die.
Whenever a problem arises - the pitcher suddenly starts throwing low or high, inside or outside, failing to snap off the breaking pitch it is up to the coach to locate the cause and make the correction.