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a chalked string used in the building trades to make a straight line on a vertical surface

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There is an unmistakable skill in using snap lines to make nice, clean vectors on the wall, and there is no reason to suppose that LeWitt himself has such skills.
Given decimats, scissors and a calculator the students then worked in pairs to explore how a single bar could be partitioned along the 'snap lines' to find equal shares for different numbers of friends; five, ten, four, eight and three.
Once all the shingles are installed, snap lines as guides to trim them off.
Slightly wavy rows won't be noticeable from the ground, so only snap lines every several rows to straighten things out.
If one side is closer to the peak than the other, snap lines for all the remaining rows, making the reveal on one side progressively larger until you make up the difference.
If you don't have a table saw capable of ripping that wide, just snap lines and do the cutting with a circular saw and a steady hand.
To avoid some confusing math (accounting for the width of the 2x4 grid), just snap center lines to lay out the grid and then snap lines 1-3/4 in.
Snap lines for the rafters, then draw in the ridge and soffit detail.
1 Snap lines on the wall to align with the alignment marks on your stencil.
These cabinets are incredibly easy and quick to build, because you only have to snap lines and freehand most of the cuts with a circular saw or jigsaw (Photo 1).
snaps and you don't want to fool with or damage the surface with a nail, learn how to snap lines by holding the handle on the chalk box with the line extended past the mark.
It's often used to snap lines for wallpapering or to mark dark surfaces.
When nailing plywood or drywall, use your chalk box to snap lines to indicate where the underlying framework is (Photo 3).