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Snap Sync desktop app for Windows XP SP3 and above and Mac OS X v10.
Whether you are talking about the place kicker or punter, it all starts with the snap.
If aircrews or ALSE inspectors report loose or torn snaps on the aircrew integrated recovery survival armor vest and equipment (AIRSAVE), it may be that the snaps are not seated with enough pressure.
When it comes to scalability, the SNAP should be designed in such a way that it can keep up with line speeds of 1Gbps and can deal with an online transaction processing (OLTP) profile and the smaller block sizes that such a profile implies.
SNAP, a product of Nicolet Biomedical, is the first of several unique VIASYS anesthesia products and the first handheld product approved for use in the space-constrained Operating Room Theater.
They detected snaps that began some 700 microseconds after the crustacean's claws closed.
SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY[TM] offers a low-calorie, healthy alternative to traditional candy, infused with natural ingredients, functional benefits and patented SNAP beads that activate a sensory experience that maximizes deliciousness while delivering the instant gratification associated with candy.
Consumer appetite for Snap MyLife's applications is evident with Snap for Mobile, which currently has more than 500,000 paying subscribers who enjoy instant access to their photos from social media and photo sharing websites.
If the center is covered, the left guard will wrap around the center at the snap and be responsible for whichever gap the nose guard may choose to rush through.
Snap Ad Network ads are 'hypercontextual' in that they are associated with content the user wants to see and are delivered in such a way that the user cannot help but see them," said Tom McGovern, Snap.
Snap Appliances(TM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Corporation (NYSE: DSS) and manufacturer of the industry standard in workgroup Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, today unveiled the Snap Server(R) 2200, a two-drive desktop NAS appliance optimized for network file serving and backup.
Obviously, the defense can try to disguise its intent, but a quick snap count or motion can usually discourage this.
Currently, nearly 2,000,000 site owners and bloggers use Snap Shots to deliver a more compelling user experience; such sites include TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki, Xanga.
The top 50 essays will be posted online throughout the promotion, and Snap.
It was essentially the same thing our fullback always does on punting downs, when we occasionally snap the ball directly to him and run a wedge.