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Synonyms for snaky

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

Synonyms for snaky

resembling a serpent in form

References in classic literature ?
They saw a shiny, snaky black trunk lifted for an instant, scattering sodden thatch.
The servants knew him both by his face and garb; for his short cloak, and his winged cap and shoes, and his snaky staff had often been seen thereabouts in times gone by.
If so, now is your opportunity to cement their 'snaky status' this Valentine's Day by naming a brown snake (one of the world's most venomous snakes) after them at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo!" the zoo posted on its Facebook page earlier this month.
I'm certain a few untainted men and women, with unyielding resolve not to be compromised, would be enough for God to prove His mightiness over those doing the unthinkable to sustain the current system, including weekly bath at T-junction with human blood, making them to end up with snaky skin.
"This would severely impact millions of beneficiaries under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana who withdraw subsidies in form of cash through ATMs, besides urban centres, resulting in snaky queues and chaos akin to post-demonetisation," Balasubramanian told IANS.
Faster notes and the use of notes from b to g' create "snaky" lines and exotic harmony that must be supported consistently to be effective.
Lunar swirls resemble bright, snaky clouds painted on the moon's dark surface.
These bright and dark patterns, one of which has been named Reiner Gamma, resemble snaky swirls in a mug of cream and coincide with locally elevated but powerful magnetic fields.
Many perceive defence counsel as snaky, tricky, tactical used car salesman-like villains in courtrooms all across our countries.
For safe driving, authorities put glow signs on the snaky roads of the Himalayas.
"Blood on the New Rising Sun" was just the vehicle for that collaboration, with Jon weaving his snaky guitar lines throughout Tom's song.
Or bear due east from the car park for 1/2 mile to New Quay beach, a long, snaky, sandy inlet also known locally as Tank Beach.
A few examples: Nosler lists a maximum velocity of 3,516 fps for the 55-grain bullet using CFE 223 power, 3,332 fps for the 62-grain pill pushed by RL-15, and 2,981 fps for the long, snaky 77-grain match bullet punched out by H380.
Hoffenheim's Nadiem Amiri sealed the win with a snaky dribble and a left-footed finish with a little over 10 minutes remaining.