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East Indian climbing shrub with twisted limbs and roots resembling serpents

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The matching Oslo side chairs feature the same snakewood finish and glass panelling but incorporate fabric seating for maximum comfort.
On the other hand, W3-08, which has a high proportion of retouched artefacts, but a lower proportion of cores than W3-06 and DE-SAS1-4, might represent a site associated with a task associated with retouch, in this context, the manufacture and maintenance of wooden artefacts, presumably made of snakewood.
In good condition, these violins would normally sell for between pounds 400-pounds 600 each, the snakewood bow being worth about pounds 200 on its own.
Single Action style I have Fishpaw grips in figured walnut on a Custom Ruger Flattop, the very unusual Snakewood on a Colt Single Action, and ram's horn on a TLA Improved No.
Made of woods such as snakewood, bubinga, quilted maple, ebony, mahogany and zebrawood, Wiklund's tables are stunning, with a simplicity and smoothness that belie the almost eight weeks of toil that go into handcrafting each one.
Elizabeth Kay's Back To The Divide (0439634105, $15.95) features a classy 'divided cover' front which opens to tell of a new fantasy adventure involving Felix, the return of villain Snakewood, and a threat to Felix's own parents.
|Omega~(snakewood) - |Omega~(platinum) = (-5 |+ or -~ 2).(36)