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Synonyms for snakelike

resembling a serpent in form

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Military uses of the snakelike robot are also possible.
Artistic images of snakelike forms capture the scaly, slithering, writhing shapes of snakes as they move over the ground or swim in water.
There's a lot of freezing and thawing in Afghanistan in early winter, so the highway is periodically broken up into craters and ditches, and the traffic--trucks and taxis and Toyota Tacoma pickups with Northern Alliance soldiers in the back--has to slow down and swerve snakelike through the obstacles.
(119) For Carbone beauty is not a deceitful snakelike skin but the true mirror of inner virtue.
165)-a redemptive gesture repeated at a human level when the peccant explorer, Egremont, is, in effect, reborn from a clayey cavern, woven over with twisted, snakelike roots-marks of primal error in which he himself has recently participated by slaying his fellow man.
Its arms and legs were thin and feeble, and its face--no child alive ever had a face like that--flat and snakelike, with gleaming red eyes....
This snakelike robot can sense the environment around it and adapt.
Rooks points out that their hair changes from wild and snakelike to smooth, flowing caps, and their skin and bone structure become lighter and narrower.
Behind us loomed a horrible black cloud tipped by sudden bursts of fire, writhing snakelike and revealing sudden flashes larger than lightning.
Sigmoid is too snakelike, and the phrase it gives its name to, sigmoid flexure, refers to "the contracted and crooked part of the colon immediately above the rectum," according to Merriam-Webster.
Elsie Venner thus becomes intelligible in narrative in the same way she communicates with the other characters in the novel: not with language, but with a series of snakelike performances and metaphors that indicate an "ophidian" morphology decipherable only through medical, even clinical, examination.
The great crowd burst into song, swaying and jiving to the music and forming snakelike trains that wove through the crowds holding the new flag high in the air.
They have long, fully retractable necks that are used to strike in snakelike fashion at fish and other prey.
The snakelike chair in which the author and Ms./Mr.