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a bite inflicted by a (venomous) snake

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He explained that an essential approach to tackling snakebite was to prevent or neutralise snake venom on its arrival at the human and animal tissue or blood that required a prophylactic agent or vaccine.
The situation turned too critical for local administration to tackle, as eight people reportedly died and 43 others were injured in snakebite over the last two weeks in the waterlogged areas.
At the government hospital at Movva village, as many as 28 snakebite cases have been registered till Monday.
Two years ago, WHO agreed to list snakebite envenoming among the neglected tropical disease to give it deserving attention as far as research and funding is concerned.
"Snakebite envenoming is a neglected tropical disease (NTD) that is responsible for enormous suffering, disability and death on every continent," the report said.
'I plead with the National Assembly to compensate victims of snakebites. Kisoi Nzola was the sole breadwinner and he has left a young family behind," he said.
The aim of the strategy is to halve the numbers of deaths and cases of disability due to snakebite envenoming over the next 12 years through a programme that targets affected communities and their health systems, and by ensuring access to safe, effective treatment through increased cooperation, collaboration and partnership at all levels.
Nigeria on Saturday received 4,000 vials of Anti-Snake Venom (ASV), ending months of acute shortage of the drug and bringing relief to victims of snakebites across the country.
Tri-Service General Hospital receives snakebite patients from the Jinshan, Wanli, and Ruifang District as well as from Keelung City.
According to details, MPA Dua Bhutto on Monday visited the home of an eight-years-old boy Hassan, who had died a few days back due to snakebite.
In view of the increasing snakebite incidents, people have demanded that the district administration take measures to counter such attacks in future.
Fill half a pint glass with lager and then top it up to the rim with cider, and voila - one snakebite.
Yet in another incident of death in chhaugoth, a special underfacility shed where menstruating girls and women are forced to stay in far-western Nepal, an 18-year-old girl died of snakebite in Turmakhand Rural Municipality-4 of Achham district, according to Kantipur daily of today.
'Snakebite' Wright or Mensur Suljovic will join Gerwyn Price in being eliminated from the 10-man field, as the first phase concludes at Liverpool's Echo Arena.