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(of monsters) having snakes for hair

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This assodation is followed by a mythologisation of Baxter's own birth and a fast-forward to an adolescent initiation into the fraternity of poets via a visitation 'out of the sky' by 'The snake-haired Muse' following sex (p.
The cover, which weighs more than 4 tons, is decorated with snake-haired medusa heads and joyful and sad-faced masks.
A straggly bearded Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman (as snake-haired Medusa) and comic Steve Coogan (an unlikely Hades) also join the big screen action.
HEATHER MILLS and snake-haired Medusa have come together in a hilarious new Spitting Image-style comedy.
This being the case, it's not surprising that Maddox and his frequent collaborator Mary Hall Surface, both native Southerners, should eventually have broached the subject of the snake-haired monster Medusa.
There's less of a well-rounded ensemble support cast this time round though James Coburn and Jennifer Tilley do sink their respective comic teeth into factory boss Henry J Waternoose and the snake-haired object of Mike's affections.
Other engagingly colorful characters include Mike's slinky, snake-haired receptionist girlfriend Celia (Jennifer Tilly), the crotchety office overseer Roz (Bob Peterson) and the old-school, crablike big boss Waternoose (James Coburn).
Later, in the final play, the Furies, snake-haired harpies who are revenge incarnate, pursue the matricide, Orestes, to Athens.
Gorgon In Greek mythology, a snake-haired female monster whose appearance could turn the beholder into stone.
Atlantis BBC One, 8.15pm For those of us who grew up reading Greek myths, Medusa is a snake-haired Gorgon whose mere look can turn men to stone.
For when the hogmagandie ended And I lay thunder-struck and winded, The snake-haired Muse came out of the sky And showed her double axe to me.
EAS E angerous when snake-haired stone with a mere Not quite so thrilling are the and Hades plot to teach manki their heavenly HQ.
The fact that one is a pear-shaped eyeball and the other a snake-haired cyclops is irrelevant.