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stemless plant having narrow rigid leaves often cultivated as a houseplant

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Caring tips: One of the most tolerant plants, the snake plant can be neglected for weeks together and still look fresh.
Some of the indoor plants you can get for your home include money plant, areca palm and snake plant. Money plant is one of the best for cleaning air in the bedroom.
Other traditional favorites are spath or peace lillies (Spathiphyllum spp.) and snake plant, Sansevieria 'Laurentii" Not only are these suited to low light and indifferent care, but they also remove toxic vapors from the air through the tiny openings in their leaves.
Pictured in hard copy version of this feature are: Lady Palm; Boston Fern; Snake Plant, the only plant that produces oxygen and removes carbon dioxide at night -- great for a bedroom garden; English Ivy; Peace Lily.
PERENNIALS: Crinum hybrids Alamo Village and Empress of India, butterfly ginger, spider lily, water lily, Missouri primrose, evening primrose, Baja primrose, tuberose, snake plant, rain lily.
Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law's Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata)
Areca Palm Lady Palm Bamboo Palm Rubber Plant Dracaena "Janet Craig" English Ivy Dwarf Date Palm Ficus Alii Boston Fern Peace Lily Corn Plant Golden Pothos Kimberley Queen Florist's Mum Gerbera Daisy Dracaena "Warneckei" Dragon Tree Red Emerald Philodendron Syngonium Dumb Cane Parlor Palm Weeping Fig Schefflera Wax Begonia Lacy Tree Philodendron Heart-Leaf Philodendron Snake Plant Elephant Ear Philodendron Norfolk Island Pine King of Hearts
Further tests showed English ivy benefited smoking areas, and the snake plant cleared household cleaner smells.
Interestingly, there are certain plants, for instance, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Snake Plant and Bamboo Palm available in the market which can help residents to get at least clean air indoors by acting as nature's own air purifiers.
Such plants include snake plant, peace lily, golden pothos , parlor palm and orchids.
It is easy to grow Snake Plant with variegated leaves that grow upright.
Try sansevieria, also called the snake plant or motherin-law's tongue.
This plant is also known as snake plant because of its sharpness.
Schefflera, wax begonia, snake plant, king of hearts, prayer plant (God help us), she added them all to her indoor arboretum.
They're also known as Mother-In-Law, Tongue, and snake plant. They've been around for 200 years.