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I think she's stepped into a snake pit," Fox News quoted the host as saying on his appearance on the show Good Morning Britain.
"Personally, I feel a bit sorry for Meghan I think she's stepped into a snake pit. Diana stepped into a snake pit," he said.
"I was in the snake pit, at the front of barrier, when the drum kit popped up," Evan told the Sunday Sun.
The Reputation Stadium Tour seating plan includes three Snake Pits at the front, floor seating with sections C and D closest to the 'B Stage' where she sings a number of songs.
The "Snake Pit" is the name given to the final three holes at Innisbrook's Copperhead course.
Malaysia suspended a child team-building programme on Wednesday after a video emerged online of a group of frightened schoolgirls being made to wade through a muddy snake pit.
No fewer than 20 companies in this snake pit are due to be put into compulsory liquidation in the public interest early next year.
His Tees Valley Martial Arts and Snake Pit in Wigan training partner Nazer, 19, lost by pin to Michigan State University wrestling coach Curran Jacobs at around the four-minute mark of an exciting back and forth battle at South Coast Martial Arts in Costa Mesa.
Second on Metallica's list for their tours, is that they're bringing back the legendary "Snake Pit." The Snake Pit is a carved-out section in the middle of the stage where fans can watch the band perform live.
"I'm sorry if anyone in Connecticut felt insulted by these 15 seconds of the movie," Kushner responded, adding, "I'm deeply heartened that the vast majority of moviegoers seem to have understood that this is a dramatic film and not an attack on their home state." Courtney's response to Hollywood politics: "I'll stick to my nice safe snake pit in Washington."
MARTIN LAIRD is looking to take the venom out of the Snake Pit and end a run of three missed cuts when he tees off in this week's Tampa Bay Championship.
Years ago, after we had been shocked by movies like The Snake Pit, we decided to deinstitutionalize the mentally ill, but as the psychiatrist Fuller Torrey pointed out in these pages a decade ago, we neglected to fund enough outpatient mental health clinics.
If the housing market were human, it would look like it just wrestled a few alligators, after running an obstacle course through a snake pit. The market is beaten and bruised, but still trying to emerge from the recession.
He is faced with a hunting initiation ritual in a snake pit, but his enemy, the evil Borg, has tampered with the test.
The bar was known as the Snake Pit and in the traditions of the time included the men's side where various volunteers spent the day with their table of moulting draft beers and the woman's side where you gussied up on Friday night and got drunk, had a fight over a woman or some imagined slight, laughed and sang country and western songs.