snake oil

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(medicine) any of various liquids sold as medicine (as by a travelling medicine show) but medically worthless

communication (written or spoken) intended to deceive

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Dabur Amla Snake Oil Extreme Shine Serum - with its Amla-Silico Complex - revitalizes dull and life-less hair strands and adds vigor and radiance, helping you leave your bad hair days behind; while the range's Split Ends Seal variant helps in tackling split ends - one of the most common hair problems - by coating the hair shafts, thereby providing deep conditioning along the entire length of the hair strands.
Keratin Oil, Fish Oil Omega-3, and Snake Oil are available in convenient packs of 400ml at SR 12 ($3.2) and 200 ml at SR7.
I know it's tempting to buy snake oil advice, but don't.
The prosecution came following an investigation by Warwickshire County Council's Trading Standards and His Honour Mr Recorder Ievins described Nickols as a "snake oil salesman".
This is the digital snake oil of the early 21st century."
Critique: Featuring small black-and-white period photos, "Frontier Doctors and Snake Oil Peddlers: A Journal of Early Medical Procedures" is an inherently fascinating and informative read that will have direct appeal for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the history and culture of America's Old West.
Performers this season include Inez Jasper, Jayli Wolf, hip hop artist Flex, comedian Lucas Jacko, Brendt Thomas Diablo, burlesque dancer Miss Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere, Craig James Laur, Night Switch, The Snake Oil Salesmen, Ali Fontaine and Leonard Sumner.
Monkey Knife Fight performs with Snake Oil Caravan at 9 p.m.
The Wild West never lacked for traveling salesmen pushing the newest elixir or snake oil to solve all your medical maladies.
New Hope, PA, July 24, 2014 --( The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam continues its journey to cinema screens at Madrid International Film Festival and then to the Fifth Annual, New Hope Film Festival, in the heart of Pennsylvania's Riverside Art Colony, New Hope.
The 42-year-old De Guzman literally sells "snake oil" which he said was extracted from Python snakes and is good for cough, fever, and other ailments.
Snake oil; how fracking's false promise of plenty imperials our future.
In this episode, a snake oil salesman enters Colorado Springs, home to Dr.
Let's hope that BP insists on scientifically proven methods and resists the urge to buy instant snake oil cures."--BIOLOGIST RONALD ATLAS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE IN KENTUCKY IN A JUNE 7 POST ON AN AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY BLOG
Bush's Gasoline Price Elixir'' that is ''100% Snake Oil.'' The environmental group calls on supporters ''to stop the giveaway of our coasts.'' It is urging visitors to its Web site to send a pre-written letter to their members of Congress that says, ''I am not buying the lie .