snake dance

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a group advancing in a single-file serpentine path

a ceremonial dance (as by the Hopi) in which snakes are handled or invoked

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Other highlights include Anne riding a 10-foot apple, and gyrating and swaying in a snake dance. There will also be a production number evocative of the best-selling book "Fifty Shades of Grey."
This is a beautifully illustrated tale of life in the New Guinea highlands, which follows the journey of Nura, a village boy undertaking the five day walk through the jungle to Goroka festival, to perform the snake dance with his friends, the Bundi Boys.
The Snake Dance is the grand finale of ceremonies to pray for rain, held by individual Hopi tribes in Arizona every two years.
Mamacha Carmen is the patron saint of the mestizo population: OPPOSITE, BELOW: Apenda clan members perform the Black Snake Dance at a sing-sing in Leh, Papua New Guinea.
The snake dance by the senior boys took the viewers to a different level of aesthetics.
The book's elegant title has always been confusing because the three ambitious essays that follow--"Indians and Entertainment," "The Dance of the Sprouting Corn," "The Hopi Snake Dance"--are about native American ceremonial dances in New Mexico.
Other dances followed, including the Snake Dance, which Access Program students joined, and the wildly popular Hoop Dance, through which Snowsnake Big Mountain told of the creation of the earth, moon and animals by intricately interlocking 20 hoops to create the shapes of birds, butterflies, snakes and, finally, the earth and moon.
I will be leaving soon but I will remember it forever.' 'I loved playing boules.' 'The dancing was great and doing the snake dance.'
And if I'm really rarely fortunate, it goes organic, it goes Kekule: a snake dance of story in my head."
In an early chapter, Holm provides examples of how different Native Americans maintained their sense of peoplehood in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries through such practices as the Sun Dance, the Hope Snake Dance, Sequoyah's creation of a Cherokee syllabary, and the sustained resistance to removal among the Cherokee Keetoowah society (23-49).
While snake charmers might be a popular tourist attraction in some parts of the world, a "snake dance" by a pipeline full of fuel definitely would not be anywhere on the list of "must sees" for our deployed forces.
He taught us this incredible African snake dance, and the minute I learned it, I knew in my soul and my gut that dancing was what I wanted to do."
He is befriended by a young Acoma Indian and his beautiful sister, and becomes part of the tribe, participating in the ancient, dangerous snake dance ceremony, which involves capturing and dancing with live rattlers.
It's a celebration of the best of South African popular music and dance--from Pata Pata to Pantsula Jive, from the Venda Snake Dance to Ladysmith Black Mambazo--using the songs that have become part of the rich tradition of South African music.