snake charmer

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a performer who uses movements and music to control snakes

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As well as the big cats, the circus also features a python used by a Ukrainian snake charmer in her act.
Snake charmer lets tourists touch his pet; Sample new food at the street markets; Neil takes a break after trekking to the final waterfall at Setti Fatma; Majorelle Garden has unusual plants; Travel in style in a toboggan in Madeira
While snake charmers might be a popular tourist attraction in some parts of the world, a "snake dance" by a pipeline full of fuel definitely would not be anywhere on the list of "must sees" for our deployed forces.
If Ben can be said to be responsive toward anyone, it's Ruthie (Adrienne Barbeau), the, um, snake charmer.
The Snake Charmer, on this month's cover of Emerging
The mystical shimmy between snake charmer and cobra isn't a dance at all.
1886; The Sleeping Gypsy (which Alfred Barr called "one of the most remarkable canvases of the nineteenth century"); The Snake Charmer, 1907; The Football Players, 1908, at the Guggenheim in New York (none of which will, unfortunately, travel to Tubingen); and Tiger Attacking a Buffalo.
The Democrats would've stiffened instead of being charmed by the snake charmer.
The dead live in "jars" from which even the snake charmer can lure nothing other than a creature with a "poisonous tongue.
He painted portraits, still lifes, and scenes of Paris life, but he is best known for such metaphorical, often surreal representations as Sleeping Gypsy (1897), Snake Charmer (1907), and The Dream (1910), set in exotic, junglelike or desert locations.
Director David Boyd said: "The scales are all individually made and there'll be a snake charmer character, riding it and squirting water.
Black and white flats, PS18, Tu at Sainsbury's Snake charmer.
BAN FOR DRINKWATER Sam Drinkwater was banned for four days (September 18, 20-22) for using the whip with excessive frequency on runner-up Snake Charmer in the 2m6f handicap hurdle at Cartmel.
The "class act" that is our ex-PM uses his emotional intelligence as a snake charmer uses his Pungi Been double flute.
She was also on hand as an assistant for a visiting magician or a snake charmer, assisted fire eaters and an archer, who often shot perilously close to her.