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a performer who uses movements and music to control snakes

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Shocked and desperate to get his snake back -- a source of his livelihood -- the snake charmer chases the monkey.
If we bear these considerations in mind, it is worth returning to Boone's analysis of The Snake Charmer, to which he adverts once again in chapter 7, "Homoeroticism in Miniaturist Painting and Orientalist Art." Like every other part of The Homoerotics of Orientalism, this one upholds the principle of tracing the "contrapuntal resonances" that we see through the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western sources.
The snake charmer thought the Baguio people were shy and elusive.
I like making it a lot more than Snake Charmer, which is trickier and requires braiding around the beads.
Snake charmer Fritillaria are among the most fashionable spring flowering bulbs.
Yesterday's highlightsThe 3m3f handicap hurdle at Newton Abbot saw a dramatic finish as Kristoffersen benefited from the final-flight fall of Snake Charmer to cause a 33-1 upset.
A SNAKE charmer frequently allowed a massive snake to completely encircle his body.
The Golden Circus is currently playing to audiences near the Ahli Club in Zinj with two shows daily featuring three lions, one tiger and one lion cub alongside an array of human acts, including a colourful clown, an acrobat, snake charmer and a dare-devil fire juggler.
. Our ex-PM uses his (inter-personal) emotional intelligence as a snake charmer uses his Pungi Been double flute.
Pakistan, June 20 -- Did you know that the gyrating snake in the snake charmer's basket is the source of a drug that saves lives in a heart attack?
SNAKE CHARMER "I have a pet snake named Wally West He's almost 3 feet long and pretty darn big.
Some fellow ramblers dropped out but it was worth the effort when we reached the dramatic last "cascade" 45 minutes later - to be greeted by a snake charmer who let us stroke his pet.
Patrick is referred to as a "glorified snake charmer"?
Amjad Khan, 21, the eldest of Ali Khan's five children, was quoted by The Star newspaper as saying he would continue his father's work as a snake charmer despite the tragedy.