snail mail

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any mail that is physically delivered by the postal service

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Today, 'Snail Mail My Email' has become an annual week-long event and Cash said that over 200 people have signed up to write this year.
Perhaps you could set up a marketing calendar to deploy four postcards per year, six emails, two snail mail letters, one phone call and one holiday card.
DUBAI - Come 2013, residents living in villas across the emirates will have their snail mail delivered straight at their doorstep, as part of Emirates Post Group Holding's plan to improve and expand the nation's postal services.
The project "Snail Mail My Email" promotes the art of hand-written letters.
Send an email to with "Name the Boat" in the subject line or send snail mail to Boating WorldMagazine/ Name the Boat, 17782 Cowan, Suite A, Irvine, CA 92614.
Snail mail us at Letters, GL, 4529 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214, or e-mail us anytime at
Email your snail mail address, request a copy of "Manual Page on Peerless Shotgun" and we'll mail you a copy.
You can use snail mail, which I always recommend first if someone doesn't know who you are.
Snail mail: It's all we've heard about for days and days, but this week the postal strikes finally, erm, struck.
They will be able to read the current issue as soon as it is available, without having to wait for "snail mail" delivery, and search back issues of the Advocate for information they want and use to improve their practices.
Those voting by snail mail can send their votes to Comics poll, Newsroom, 1320 S.W.
With advice and tips to making one's letter something to be cherished and loved, "The Art of the Personal Letter" shows that snail mail isn't dead yet and still has quite the value in the world of fast communication.
Taxpayers have been warned not to rely on the taxman's IT system for filing their end of year returns - and should instead think of 'snail mail' to make their tax returns, according to a leading tax specialist.
Before settling into my post holiday routine I cannot relax until ICOve taken care of our snail mail. There will be utility bills and one or two other outfits still in the dark CypostalCO age that, for some reason, cannot send anything other than annoying adverts by email.
WNA Elections--The ballot for voting in the 2007 WNA Elections will be posted on line or mailed to you (for those who receive STAT via "snail mail") in August.