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Synonyms for snail

freshwater or marine or terrestrial gastropod mollusk usually having an external enclosing spiral shell

edible terrestrial snail usually served in the shell with a sauce of melted butter and garlic

gather snails

References in classic literature ?
Here is the breakfast the Fairy sends to you," said the Snail.
Juvenile snails were chosen for testing their development on different food plants because if plants are not able to support growth and survival of juveniles, the snail population will not persist.
html) unconventional ingredients like egg whites, starfish extract or snail secretion.
For over 20 years they've been making products with snail slime," says Simone Sampo, the president of the International Snail Breeding Institute in Cherasco, northwestern Italy.
In fact, a snail race is best done in wet weather, but you might not enjoy that as much.
Using snail slime to remedy skin problems has been practiced as early as the ancient Greece period.
By the time young readers get to that salad, they still might not be ready to rush out to get a pet snail, but they might be persuaded to enjoy some greens--and even carrots.
The outcome of the snail/schistosome interaction is governed by the genetic make-up of both the snail and parasite, with successful miracidial development occurring only in susceptible/compatible but not resistant/incompatible snails (Lewis, Patterson, & Gizywarz, 2002).
Caption: A tube (arrow) following the crease between whorls lets this Alycaeus snail breathe in its shell--although the tube's outside end is sealed.
Helix aperta Born (1778) (= Cantareus apertus Born, 1778) is one edible land snail that appears among the recommended species for snail farming [9].
Snails, on the other hand, are perhaps more of an acquired taste - but don't be surprised if you spot more of the shelled slimers slithering onto a plate near you soon.
That this latest addition to the global beauty and wellness craze -- snail facials -- should surface in the hills of northern Thailand is only natural.
There's nothing like foliage shredded by snails and slugs to make gardeners feel like a failure and get the blood boiling.
This rare snail, not to be confused with its common relative found in pet shops, was on the brink of extinction--pushed out of its natural habitat by the loss of its freshwater habitat from intrusion of salt water and loss of beaver ponds.
If you want something soothing and natural but without the gooey-goodness of snail slime, why not try sk:n aloe Vera gel, PS8, from Boots.