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food for light meals or for eating between meals

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Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan today welcomed Tyrrells decision to invest in Victorian food processing company Yarra Valley Snack Foods, which will also continue to produce its own popular lines of snacks.
5 May 2016 - Austin, Texas-based snack food company Amplify Snack Brands, Inc.
Although Boomers hold the top score over Millennial in ready-to-eat snack food eatings, they don't come close to kids when it comes to the amount of snack foods consumed.
The three acquired Barrel O' Fun snack food companies are located in Perham, Minnesota and Phoenix and Waterford, Pennsylvania.
Market size for Snack Food in Austria is given in EUR and tonne with a minimum of five years' historical data.
Market size for Snack Food in Belgium is given in EUR and tonne with a minimum of five years' historical data.
Tokyo-based Calbee is the largest snack food company in Japan, with 2013 sales of over 179.
Drug stores sold close to 530 million units in the snack food category in 2008, and despite a difficult 2009 environment, they are performing this year in the category.
Snack Food Packaging (published 05/2006, 239 pages) is available for $4,300 from The Freedonia Group, Inc.
The snack food market is enjoying strong growth as changing consumer lifestyles indicate that "on-the-go" eating and snacking is or the rise.
But the subjects in the reduced-variety group showed a decreased sense of pleasantness in response to their chosen snack food over time, compared with other snack foods given to them by researchers at the end of the study (-17.
Snack food maker Lance has announced that the company was the successful bidder in a Bankruptcy Court directed auction of the assets of Tom's Foods, a snack food manufacturer and distributor.
The survey found that the snack food category was the second fastest growing segment in 2003 (following meat and poultry), with a 29.
Langnese-Iglo, belonging to the Unilever Group, launched a 115 gram Micro-Baguette package designed to meet the quality and speed requirements of the snack food market.
Whether this translates into a healthy eating style depends on a person's attitude toward snacking, snack food choices and how snacking fits into an overall diet.