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Synonyms for smuggled

distributed or sold illicitly

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Domestic manufacturing can't compete with cheap smuggled goods,' said Gordon, chairman of the Senate blue ribbon committee.
Joseph Bernos is asking the House of Representatives to authorize the turnover of seized smuggled rice to the National Food Authority (NFA) even without an executive order.
Smuggled goods will be destroyed, instead of placing them on auction, based on a new directive of President Duterte.
FAIFA said seizure of smuggled cigarettes has doubled in the last two years indicating the increase in smuggling.
ASO officials said the organization detected eight cases of smuggled vehicles and four miscellaneous cases in July 2017, 14 cases of smuggled vehicles and four miscellaneous cases in August, three smuggled vehicles and four miscellaneous cases in September, 15 smuggled vehicles and three other cases in October, nine smuggled vehicles and ten miscellaneous cases in November and 11 smuggled vehicles and a case of miscellaneous items in Dec 2017.
He said that smuggled goods through the borders of Afghanistan, Iran China, India and the Afghan Transit Trade form a chunk of the informal economy volume of which ranges between 50 to 60 percent of the formal economy.
Media adds: The Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) arrested five and seized thousands of litres of smuggled Iranian diesel worth millions of rupees here Thursday-Friday midnight.
The smuggled Syrians would then be handed to Lebanese nationals with whom Mazen splited the profits made.
So far, smugglers were known for using train and bus routes to carry smuggled gold into different parts of India.
The seized gold bars of 24 carat purity were admittedly smuggled into India through the Indo-Myanmar land borders and were brought to Delhi from Guwahati by a domestic flight.
Moreover, Custom officials last month foiled attempts to smuggle alcohol when officers on duty seized 20,376 bottles of assorted liquor about to be smuggled into the Kingdom.
In 2014 around 40 percent of the tobacco and cigarette that entered Lebanon were smuggled products which did not enter the customs or the legitimate border points," Seklawi explained.
Haroon Akhtar Khan Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Revenue Tuesday said the value of smuggled goods of top 11 major smuggling-prone sectors stood at $9 billion during 2013-14.
Some estimates hold that more than one-third of all the cigarettes consumed in Iran are smuggled into the country and sold to Iranians who believe that foreign brands are higher quality than Iranian brands.
Last year, he was jailed for 21 months after admitting conspiring to deal in smuggled goods and evade duty tax.