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Synonyms for smug

Synonyms for smug

marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction

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They're playing the most successful side in European history, who are spearheaded by the smuggest man in football and take a vulgar approach to their transfer dealings.
accompanied by a picture of Hoover looking his smuggest that the paper kept carefully preserved in its files for just such occasions.
We would have collected his smuggest expressions of moral authority--especially those stressing private morality in public figures, as in relation to Bill Clinton, for example.
BY rights, Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics should be the smuggest man in rock.
In the `Introduction' to her own dramas, she remarks with some sarcasm on the paradox of her own role as newspaper reviewer of the Greek plays, a role on which Valpy had apparently insisted: `For myself, as ignorant of Latin or Greek as the smuggest alderman or slimmest damsel present, I had my own share in the pageant.
And please get rid of Iain Duncan Smith, as he has to be the smuggest minister in living memory.
EVEN Alex Salmond's closest friends reckon he is the smuggest man in politics.
30pm) NEVER mind Quite Interesting, what is quite possibly the smuggest show on telly - QS anyone?
IS ANYONE else now fed up of seeing Gordon Brown on TV looking like the smuggest man in the world?
However, he must be joking about the smuggest person in British politics.
ANOTHER installment of the smuggest show on TV in which people with far too much money go on about how expensive their wonderful homes are.
Last week, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple and surely the smuggest Mac user of them all, stood up in a crowded hall in California to make a speech.
We were probably the smuggest people around the next day
After an incensed touchline bust-up which made John Aldridge's verbal assault on a World Cup linesman look like reasoned debate, Shehata was left with the smuggest of told-you-so expressions.
The red-jumpered and heavily-badged audience lapped up lines like: 'Portillo's desperate to be Prime Minister,/He has the smuggest face in Westminster,/He's the shallowest shadow minister.