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smeared with something that soils or stains

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Smudge sticks multi-task as classic pencil liners or smudgy eye shadows.
Terry Barber, MAC UK director of make-up artistry, said: "What makes these smudgy eyes modern is that you can see the skin through the make-up.
The glitzy black Ciate shade goes with any LBD, the false lashes will save you waking up to smudgy mascara, and the bronzing mousse has long been a beauty team favourite.
Whether you want smudgy and smoky, an Audrey Hepburn feline flick or the full-on Amy Winehouse wings, you can't go wrong with this fabulous new crayon.
On a practical note, avoid glossy kitchen doors if you're house proud and have small children, as they'll show up every smudgy fingerprint
Smudgy pattern with or without smooth marginal enhancement was the most commonly seen pattern of peritoneal involvement.
The four colours: Precipice (Soft Lemon), Acute (Ash Taupe), Graphica (Graphite Grey) or Dart (Toasted Bronze) blended together brilliantly for the ultimate smoky eye and I loved the smudgy texture.
Men have voted "overwhelmingly" in favour of the natural look on women, and said that smudgy black eye-liner and dip-dyed hair - staples of an It girl's look du jour - were likely to thwart their burning flames of desire very quickly.
Similarly, you can begin by creating a clay pinch pot and easing yourself into the potter's wheel, or sinking yourself into smudgy, dreamy oil pastel stuff before moving on to still life oil paintings.
She added: "I love that cool, slightly undone look you get with a dark, smudgy eye.
The illustrations are pen and smudgy ink, and add to the vitality and eccentricity of the story and characters.
In addition to lion and donkey prints, there's also smudgy red, blue and yellow parrots and a wonderfully messy grey blob of an ostrich that van Mierlo conjured exclusively for the collaboration.
A straightforward but pretty effective parable shot in smudgy wobblecam, "Boy Eating the Bird's Food" isn't part of the current Greek Weird Wave so much as it is a cinematic cri de coeur from a nation in physically and psychologically dire straits.